You have been on your diet for two months and you are starting to feel more and more unmotivated. These feelings are fairly normal for a person on a weight loss program, so don’t be discouraged. Instead, try following some of these tips that have been gleaned over the years from people who have lost weight successfully and have kept it off.

The first tip is to not think strictly in terms of how many pounds you have lost, but think about how much good you are doing for your body. Think about making your body well. Should the right food choices only be made by people who are trying to lose weight? Of course not. In fact, if you have this frame of mind, as
soon as you reach your goal weight you will very likely go back to your old eating habits. The simple fact of the matter is, we all have to eat every day. Why not choose healthy foods all of the time?

Another tip that we hear over and over again from people who have lost weight successfully is to set goals that are reasonable. You need to be honest and ask yourself if what you are trying to do is reasonable or unreasonable.

If you try to overachieve and expect to lose all your weight in a short period of time it won’t work — it may even set you back. If you have 60 pounds to lose, losing 30 pounds a month is not a reasonable expectation. Losing five pounds is a reasonable goal, especially in the first months of your diet.

Here’s something else we hear often: It is important to recognize your positive changes. Keep a log of how you feel each day and notice how you gradually record improvement. Don’t focus on the negatives. Focus, instead, on the positives. For instance, rather than criticize yourself for not losing as many pounds as you had hoped, commend yourself for the weight you have lost and how much better you feel.

Which brings us to the next tip — when you reach milestones, celebrate them. If you have 80 pounds to lose, celebrate when you successfully lose your first 10.

Understand that you are on a journey and you need to appreciate the distance you have traveled instead of cursing the enormity of the whole trip.

By setting up small incremental goals you will see the progress you make more clearly. The old cliche is really true: “Every trip begins with a first step.” Imagine you are driving from New York to Los Angeles — when you reach Indiana it is important to take a moment and look back and recognize how far you have come.

We hope these tips will help you to stay motivated. Remember, we are all human and none of us are perfect. Chances are you will make detours along the way. Just make sure the detours are small — don’t turn around and start going back in the wrong direction.