Vitamin B12 was discovered several decades ago, but for years not really received much attention. Recently, however, everything has changed. Now it seems that everywhere you turn you hear talk about another medical benefit of taking vitamin B12. One idea that has received a lot of attention is the idea that vitamin B12 can help lose weight. Is it true behind this statement? Is Vitamin B12 magic remedy that seeks to help solve their weight problems?

The truth is that while vitamins B12 certainly have medical benefits, there is no evidence that simply taking a B12 will help you lose weight. The reality is that you are going to have to work to lose weight no matter what type of supplements you take. There is some evidence that people who take vitamin supplements tend to take less weight over time, but this research is not specific vitamin B12.

What really makes vitamin B12? B12 is known as the “energy vitamin” because it gives a real boost to energy. Vitamin B12 is excellent for increasing metabolism so taking a regular B12 shot can help you burn a few extra calories and speed up the rate at which you lose weight. This increase in energy is the reason why most consumers opt for filming in the first place. Some people with certain conditions such as Crohn’s disease are prescribed B12 shooting because your body can not properly absorb on their own and without the shot is subjected to chronic fatigue.

What B12 can do is help you feel better all about losing weight is not helping you lose weight.

Many people report that their energy levels are higher when they receive a regular B12 shot. Having more energy can help you follow your diet and you can also make yourself more likely to exercise.

Very often when you hear doctors and weight loss clinics give vitamin B12 injections as part of a weight loss program they give shots are actually B12 combined with another complex called burner of lipotropic grease. The lipotropic complex supports the liver and helps to get rid of the fat. Essentially, lipotropic helps the body liquefy fat and reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the liver.

If you are considering taking vitamin B12 shots just for weight loss, the key is to be realistic about what they can do and cannot do for you. Even if they can help you have more energy and feel good, they are not a magic cure that will miraculously melt the pounds away.

No one can dispute the fact that our body needs vitamin B12 to survive. But doctors respected to keep promoting weight loss? When there is no study to substantiate this claim. How consumers may not realize is reduced calorie intake and exercise actually produces weight loss? Why not save a few hundred dollars a month and choose an alternative? Or could it be, people are so desperate?